The Best Pamela Anderson Magazine Covers Ever

Yeah yeah, you aren't even going to read this collection of words that I am typing right now because if you are like me, you were captivated by Pamela Anderson for the duration of the '90s before you discovered hardcore pornography and real, interactive relationships not involving magazines and VHS copies of Barb Wire.

Today, Miss Anderson turns 44 years old, and the mother of two and sometime wife/girlfriend of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has settled in comfortable cougardom. She's really the ultimate cougar if you think about it, plus she could put on that old Baywatch one-piece every now and then and run in slow-motion towards you in the bedroom.

Don't worry, she's also somehow Canadian, and since this is also Canada Day, you can tell your boss or relatives this video is like a cultural enrichment exercise. For your eyes.

Younger people may perhaps know her best as that aging naked blonde lady from one or two episodes of E!'s The Girls Next Door, when the former Playboy Playmate showed up nude to one of Hef's birthday parties. She was also in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan as the apple of Borat's eye, and attempted rape and marriage.

We picked out a few of the best magazine covers featuring the PETA supporter and blonde bombshell. Which reminds us, we still need to pick up her syndicated series, V.I.P., next time we get paid. Simple man, simple pleasures.

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