The Best WTF Sandcastles

The official start of summer is just days away, even though this part of the world got a jump start on us two months back when temperatures began edging closer to the 100's. With warmer air comes more beach action, and in turn, the return of the sandcastle. Though it's always kinda warm in Texas, and on the right year you could go to the beach on Christmas Day without freezing to death.

Let's just say now that making a sandcastle is not an easy task. The best I could ever do was use one of those funky buckets to make shapes in the sand, or I would just construct some sort of Close Encounters-style mound and call it art. Then I would kick it over and run into the water to pee in anger.

Here are some of the best and weirdest sand sculptures we found online, from terribly tasteless ones, to a few that brought up some old-fashioned Jimmy Swaggart-style lust in my heart. I wouldn't mind getting my hand up on some of dat sand ass, knowhatimsayin'?

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