Doctor Who

The Buyer's Guide to Doctor Who Wedding Accessories

The Houston Press, and specifically this particular fanboy, is dedicated to bringing readers their best option for geekifying their lives. This week we present the best way to invite the Doctor to your wedding. Be sure to check out our other guides, such as steampunk Nintendo systems and horrifying baby clothes.

Before you have a wedding, you've got to ask the girl or guy if they're interested in doing an awful lot of running with you. Jeweler and CAD tech Gino Arizmendi designed this ring that symbolizes the Doctor's TARDIS. The main gem is a one carat Princess Cut stone in the center, but both sides use other stones to recreate the Police Box sign, windows, and instructions. Arizmendi makes them with diamonds or sapphires, and a men's ring is also available.

Now that you have your TARDIS ring, it would just be silly not to present it in a TARDIS ring box. You've come this far, might as well go all out. YouTube user SJE2011's fiancé made this ring case that plays the distinctive vroop vroop noise that we've all come to know and love.

After the ring, the dress is usually the most important thing to a bride. You'd think that Donna, who was in three different wedding dresses in three different episodes, would've gotten at least one memorable gown, but it's Amy Pond that got the real knockout. Her dress was a Ben de Lisi, which is sadly no longer available for sale. At least one sharp-eyed lady has managed to pick up one on Ebay. Gothic Council member Batty is good with reproductions as well (She made my wife's dress inspired by Emmy Rossum's in Phantom of the Opera).

Let's talk cake. There are plenty of Doctor Who-themed cakes out there, but the one that really captures both a Time Lord's hearts is this one by Leigh Henderson. On the surface, it's just your basic TARDIS cake, except that hers actually is bigger on the inside than the out. At least it looks that way. Careful and brilliant electronics and crafting allow you to look in through the windows to actually see the entire control deck, and it lights up just in case you weren't already feeling in adequate about your cake skills. Instructions are available here.

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