The Candidates and Their Wives: What They Wore on Election Night

We have a new old president ... and, if you're like me, a hangover. I love election day, and found the opportunity to create not one but two themed outfits: a white tuxedo shirt with dark blue jeans and red heels for day, and a red, white, and blue shirtdress--with pearls and heels--for evening. The atmosphere at my house was fun and festive, because we are political nerds.

After the election was called, things get a little fuzzy; I had to check my phone, Twitter, and Facebook this morning to catch up on what happened next. And the only thing I really wanted to know--other than whether my drunk Tweets were really that stupid (a little)--was who wore what last night. Let's take a look.

The Romneys

When she was voting, Ann Romney wore a beautiful blue wool coat over a black-on-black ensemble, with black riding boots. It was hard to get a look at the details, but I loved the tan belt she wore and thought it was a very chic choice, as was her statement necklace in white. Mitt wore a suit and tie.

Later that evening, Ann went with a red sheath with an elbow-length sleeve, which I also thought quite chic, and a little less spot-on June Cleaver than her shirtdress number at the convention. I was disappointed she chose a boring black shoe, but I imagine girlfriend was exhausted and went with something comfortable and easy. Mitt wore a suit and tie.

The Ryans

At the voting booth Janna Ryan wore her black overcoat with exaggerated lapels buttoned, but it appeared she paired a red dress with black tights. Paul Ryan wore a suit and tie.

Later that evening, the Janna opted for a black-and-red number in what looked like an abstract floral print. She chose a difficult length for anyone who isn't six feet tall and stick-thin; the three-quarter length, hitting just below the knees, is quite popular on runways right now but few can pull it off. Janna did not, though this is one instance in which we can say black pantyhose actually mitigated a fashion problem. I did love the asymmetrical neckline and three-quarter sleeve. Paul Ryan wore a suit and tie.

The Obamas

Michelle and Barack Obama voted early: Michelle by mail, Barack at an early voting polling place last week. Michelle posted a photo of herself with her mail-in ballot, wearing a yellow twinset, paired with a pearl-and-citrine necklace--a modern take on what could have gone very Ann Romney June Cleaver. When Barack Obama cast his vote he was wearing a suit and tie.

Last night Michelle wore a raspberry silk Michael Kors dress--one she has worn before--with an empire waist and just-below-the-knee hemline. She paired it with a three-quarter sleeve, cropped cardigan and a brooch. A longer hemline like this works on a woman of Michelle's height, particularly with an empire waistline, but it wasn't a wow. Barack Obama wore a suit and tie.

The Bidens

Jill Biden doesn't get enough love for her fashion choices; I guess "second lady" isn't as sexy. When casting her ballot, Jill wore a matching dress and coat in a lovely shade of teal, and paired it with a pair of taupe heels, when she and Joe cast their ballots. I am so sick of the nude shoe, and this is a lovely alternate neutral. Joe Biden wore a suit and tie.

On election night Jill Biden wowed again with a sleek and sexy sleeveless blue shift and matching statement belt. Michelle Obama gets a lot of credit for her arms, but I think Jill Biden could take her in an arm wrestling match. Joe Biden wore a suit and tie.

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