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The City at Night, an American Hero and More: The Top 10 Photos of the Week

We here at the

Houston Press

have long believed that some of the best photographers in the world live right here in Houston. Between the slideshows and blogs we publish and the images you share with us in our

Flickr Pool

, we see tons of amazing photos every week, and this is our chance to celebrate our favorites.

This week's photos include the night side of Houston, someone with great balance and a dog that knows how to party.

Doesn't it look like she's getting married inside a ship and is not impressed?

You learn to make friends new friends pretty quick at a punk show.

Pleasure Pier NIght Panorama, Galveston, Texas

It sure is nice on the water at night.

Quail and grits rarely look this pretty in the wild.

Who taught the alien how to play guitar?

Penzoil Building

Someone is REALLY good at freeze tag.

Progress continues, even in the dead of night.

36th Annual Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows

In case you're curious, this dog likes staying up all night dancing.

God bless (Captain) America.

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