The Clock Is Ticking; the Cosplay of Comicpalooza Is Just Around the Corner

Houston, we've got a problem. With so many sci-fi and comic-inspired big-screen releases already under our belt, and more coming down the chute, how's an über-fan to know which persona to embody when Comicpalooza dominates H-Town for Father's Day weekend?

Safe (and apropos) bets include anything Aliens-inspired, especially with scheduled autograph experience bookings by Sigourney Weaver (Ripley), Bill Paxton (Private Hudson), Paul Reiser (Burke) and William Hope (Lieutenant Gorman); also making an appearance are Michael Biehn (Corporal Hicks), Jenette Goldstein (Private Vasquez), Mark Rolston (Private Drake) and Ricco Ross (Private Frost).

We also expect a good showing of Lycans and Vampires this year, especially with celebrity headliner Kate Beckinsale (Selene) booked for a Saturday-only appearance, whetting our appetites for all things undead with this fall's Underworld: Blood Wars.

Bex Rathbun, Comicpalooza's cosplay coordinator, says that this year's blockbusters are definitely an indicator. “If you're looking at comic book cosplayers, Marvel and DC are putting out their movies. There's also the movie side of comic book characters. I think that Captain America and Bucky Barnes are going to be some popular ones,” says Rathbun, who also mentions X-Men: Apocalypse and, from the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn.

“If you're looking at anime, [Japanese webcomic] Hetalia is going to be seeing a little bit of a resurgence, because they put out a new season for the series.” She says another one in the anime category, though it's really more of a computer video game, is Undertale. “That's really popular right now; it's sort of replaced another web comic by the same creator, Homestuck; that was popular four years ago. The fans have continued and keep the spirit alive.”

It's a rich pool from which to draw, with inspiration from movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Independence Day Resurgence, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond and Doctor Strange.

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