The Cork-Screwed Revue

Corkscrew, an upscale piano bar in the Heights, presents The Cork-Screwed Revue. The star is Kiki Maroon, the head of Kiki's Sordid Show (known as Houston's very own stripping clown). She's one of the most memorable practitioners of the debaucherous arts around, and Corkscrew is giving her a place with a bit more swank to strut her stuff. ''It's a joint way too classy for me to get into under normal circumstances,'' said Maroon via email. ''They're trying to turn me into a burlesque star, but I'm failing miserably and keep forgetting to leave my balloon penises at home.''

She'll be joined by Tifa Tittlywinks, a stripping songbird that takes the singing-while-lounging-on-a-piano cliché to a much dirtier level. Music provided by the one and only Nick Greer of Nick Greer & The G's, himself known far and wide for being a special kind of lunatic.

8 p.m., Thursday. 1308 W. 20th St. For information, call 713-230-8352 or visit Free.
Thursdays, 8:30 p.m. Starts: Aug. 15. Continues through Sept. 5, 2013

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