The Cuisine of India

Chef/cookbook author Suneeta Vaswani joins forces with the owners of Dharma Café, John Gurney and Susan Ralph, to whip up a little edible fun at The Cuisine of India party. “All of the recipes we’re doing, the six appetizers and two entrées, are from my two [cook]books,” says Vaswani. “One of the appetizers is onion clusters, which are absolutely addictive. They disappear within seconds,” she laughs. “I warned them, you can make armloads and they’ll disappear just as fast. “There’s live music by Moodafaruka, a fabulous band that does world music. It’s mostly a mix-and-mingle party, but I’ll be happy to talk about food with anyone.” Vaswani is a real authority on Indian food — the longtime chef and writer spent several years living in India learning family recipes — so take the opportunity to chitchat with a culinary expert. Today’s event benefits the Boniuk Center, which promotes “peaceful coexistence.” (Sounds like a great idea.) 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Dharma Café, 1718 Houston Avenue. For information, call 713-348-2400 or visit $30.
Tue., May 20, 6-9 p.m., 2008
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Olivia Flores Alvarez