The Dance on Camera Festival

Torn between seeing a cool new film or enjoying a night of modern dance? The Dance on Camera Festival, hosted by Freneticore, has your ticket. The eclectic series of films runs the gamut from micro-minis to half-hour movies. Program 1 includes works like Bardo, a celluloid version of choreographer Richard Move's Lamentation Variation 2, which was commissioned by the Martha Graham Dance Company, and Magnetic Cinema, a work by French filmmaker Pierre Coulibeuf, who was inspired by Canadian choreographer Beno”t Lachambre's Lugares communes. Program 2 features the classic Boy, a six-minute short by Rosemary Lee and Peter Anderson that follows a child as he wanders through a striking coastline, imagining himself in another world, and Here After, a chronicle of the devastating effects of infanticide on a community. Program 1 is at 8 p.m. November 12 and 13, and Program 2 is at 8 p.m. November 14 and 7 p.m. November 15. 5102 Navigation. For information, call 832-426-4624 or visit $12 to $20.
Nov. 12-15, 2009
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Lee Williams