The Dedicated Gamer's Guide to Living Room Furniture

Art Attack remains committed to helping our increasing gamer readership find ways to spruce up their lives with the perfect game-inspired crafts, clothes and fixtures. Previously we've tackled lamps and real-world versions of Portal's long-fall boots. Now we've gone searching for the best way to outfit your living room with video game style.

The N64 doesn't get near enough credit as a system, even though without Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 a good half of all games wouldn't even exist. Floridian Keenan Bosworth has done justice to the console with his coffee table inspired by the N64 logo. He's built two of them as presents for friends and family, and while he's not selling them (as shipping the 60 lb. finished table would be prohibitive), his Reddit channel does offer helpful advice on constructing your own.

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