The Definitive Guide to Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes

Not everyone is a procrastinator. We're sure there's a perfectly good reason that you need a costume 48 hours out from Halloween night. Maybe you got a last minute invite to a costume party. Maybe your original plans that didn't involve costumes fell through and your backup plan involves you dressing up. Maybe you're a last minute trick-or-treat chaperone. These things happen.

Whatever the reason, if you don't have a costume and you're looking for cheap inspiration that you can throw together with minimal effort you're in the right place. We here at the Houston Press have spent the last few years becoming experts at the fast, cheap costume.

Check out the following lists, and have a happy Halloween!

Halloween Costumes for People Who Hate Halloween Costumes - For those of you who are dressing up under protest.

Top 10 Dirt Cheap Rock Star Halloween Costumes - For those of you looking to get in touch with your inner Kesha, Bret Michaels, or G.G. Allin.

Top Five: Lame Halloween Costumes - For those of you really phoning it in.

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes: 7 Quick, Horrifying Ones Sure to Satisfy - For those of you trying to save as much money for alcohol as possible.

Drugstore Halloween: Cheap Last-Minute Costumes Without the Crowd - For those of you too lazy to make anything yourself.

Awesomely Lame Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home - For those of you who will get crafty at the drop of a hat you made yourself.

Top 5 Lazy and Cheap Halloween Costumes, Couples Edition - For those of you lucky enough to have someone else in your life that needs a costume too.

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