The Downtown YMCA Loves Raymond

The new Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA has a special treat for all its members, until its cable-TV system gets hooked up (just in time for the official October 4 grand opening). All TVs in the building will display an endless loop of Everybody Loves Raymond, The King of Queens, and an assortment of syndicated comedies. According to the helpful staff at the main desk, the "person in charge" bought a "huge stack" of DVDs, loaded them into the closed-circuit system, and set them on loop.

So members, if you were looking to catch up on the news while you worked out, you'll get to catch up on the Barone family's hilarious shenanigans instead!

The Y's unfortunate situation would be an interesting opportunity to find out what it'd be like if those were the only TV shows in existence--as if the government deemed the Barone and Heffernan families' special problems and concerns both suitable for our entertainment needs as well as educationally sound examples of parenting/marriage challenges (conveniently resolved by the end of each episode). In essence, a perpetual visual handbook on life's foibles (and pass the parmesan).

Of course, hypothetically that would make Ray Romano America's biggest celebrity, along with Patricia Heaton, Kevin James and Leah Remini. Unacceptable, America.

Art Attack couldn't help but cringe when we investigated the situation. Out of all the non-explicit viewing choices out there, including nature programs, cartoons and surfing/skiing/snowboard videos (ideal for the gym), the Y's "person in charge" chose sad-sack Raymond and overweight Doug as imagery for members to watch with the volume on mute. And that says more about the state of our culture than we care to acknowledge.

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