The Fresh Ink Series Gets a Fresh Space

What are you doing tonight? Nothing? Great. Grab your theater hat and head over to the Spring Street Studios for Mildred's Umbrella's staged theater reading series "Fresh Ink" -- in their brand-new theater space.

"Fresh Ink" isn't all that "fresh," so to speak. Mildred's originally started the play-reading series back in August and has featured the reading of a new play every few months since. The current reading, which will take place tonight at 7:30 p.m., is a new piece by the Commonwealth Writers' Prize-nominated author Graham Farrow. Farrow's play, Stay with Me Until Dawn, focuses on the unlikely relationship formed between a teenage boy, Nick, and a suspected kidnapper/killer, Redford. Farrow's other works have been produced in London and New York, and one play is currently being translated into French for a film production out of Paris. Jennifer Decker, Mildred's Artistic Director, says they started the reading series because of the sheer volume of original work they were receiving. "Dozens of playwrights were sending me their new work," she tells us. "Zachary Doss (literary manager and associate AD) and I had a few that we thought were possibilities, but maybe needed some workshopping." And "Fresh Ink" was born!

Mildred's has chosen four of the numerous submissions to workshop. Of the pieces read, whichever gets the best audience reaction, the theater company plans on producing later this year or early the next. Decker says that the plays that made the cut seemed to be aligned with Mildred's "edgy reputation" and caliber of writing.

What makes this "Fresh Ink" reading different from all other "Fresh Ink" readings? Because it's happening at Mildred's brand-new, never before seen theater space in the Spring Street Studios.

"We're thrilled to be doing it in our new space!" Decker exclaims. The space is still undergoing some cosmetic surgery and is not quite ready for a production. However, a staged reading is the perfect forum for its coming-out party. The Fresh Ink Reading Series will take place tonight, Monday, January 23, at 7:30 p.m. Studio 101, 1824 Spring Street. Pay-what-you-want.

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