The Future of Terry Pratchett's Discworld Is in Gaming

It's taken me nearly a week to really get over the death of fantasy author Terry Pratchett. Everyone knew it was coming ever since he was diagnosed with a rare form of early-onset Alzheimer's, but it was still an unexpected blow that left a tremendous hole in the world.

Shortly after Pratchett was diagnosed, he announced his daughter Rhianna would be the custodian of the Discworld legacy, though what exactly that meant was somewhat vague. Rhianna is a writer in her own right, mostly for video games like Tomb Raider and Mirror's Edge, but she isn't a novelist. She recently told Digital Trends that she was not planning on writing any new Discworld books herself but was mostly involved in overseeing things like the TV series based on the Watch books and the film version of The Wee Free Men.

And while those are all well and good, what Discworld needs now is a video game. A big, big video game, and Rhianna is just the person to make that happen.

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