The Healthy Choice

SAT 7/26
Remember Perfect, starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis? In the film, Curtis's character wants to know, "What's wrong with wanting to be the best you can be? What's wrong with wanting to be perfect?" The competitors in the Mr. and Ms. Legacy Fitness Championships, sponsored by the American Aerobic Association, echo that sentiment. On Saturday, Houston hosts the regional qualification competition for the international meet to be held in Miami on August 28. A hybrid Olympics- pageant for the aerobics set, the event "is geared toward the amateur," according to Jamie Bolton, a Triple-A regional representative. Instead of perfection, he says, the competition "is more about mind, body and spirit, keeping a balance in life." And balance is key. In the main event, competitors are judged on physical build, an aerobics routine and a spoken presentation

Other events include sport aerobics, step aerobics and open dance (from salsa to hip-hop to swing). Registration starts at 9 a.m. Saturday, July 26. Ernest & Company Fitness Center, 2266 Holcombe. For information, call 214-418-6398 or visit $5 to $10. -- Eric Norvell

FRI 7/25
Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease
We're all sick of sitting in traffic. If you want to get even sicker, try maneuvering an undersize bike lane, swerving to avoid tank-size vehicles commanded by drooling road-ragers. But rather than locking yourself indoors and whining about our city's lack of efficient mass transport, why not take back the streets you paid for with your taxes? The last Friday of every month, the folks from Critical Mass mount their bikes/ scooters/skateboards and create a critical mass of people power. It's your chance to show those Hummers who really owns the road. 5 p.m. at Mecom Fountain, at the intersection of Main and Montrose. 6 p.m. at City Hall, 901 Bagby, between McKinney and Walker. Friday, July 25. For information, visit -- Becky Ayres

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