The Homopolice

There is much to be discovered about Houston's newest (and most elusive) noise/punk band The Homopolice. Here's what we know: The foursome features members of more prominent local acts such as Black Congress and No Talk. A few weeks ago they locked themselves in a studio with plenty of distortion pedals, microphones, drums, guitars, alcohol and narcotics and recorded the results. Today is the band's first show.

We contacted The Homopolice via MySpace in hopes of learning a little more about the project. The reply was as straightforward as it was vague: "Narcotics, sex, and The Stooges. Everything else sucks," says a member who would only identify himself as KGB-N. We turned to the group's profile for more answers and were greeted with one just-over-a-minute track of inaudible, deep-throated screaming, screeching guitars and plenty of feedback. In the "About Me" section the group further defines its, um, philosophy: "we are a noise band, not some hippie space jam bullshit. fuck black metal. this is punk." Well, that pretty much answers all "who would like this" questions, doesn't it? Non-punks beware when The Homopolice take the stage after fellow locals Wicked Poseur and The Secret Prostitutes at 8:30 p.m. Warehouse on Commerce, 2220 Commerce. For information, visit Free.
Fri., Oct. 17, 2008

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Dusti Rhodes
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