The Houston Press Celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day

There's a moment that many dog owners look forward to at the end of every work day: that moment when they get in from a long day of work and their best friend with four legs could not be happier to see them. It's the type of unconditional love most of us would like more of in our lives.

There is one work day every year where this does not happen, that unconditional love replaced by the sense of community that comes from hanging out with your coworkers and their four-legged best friends. That day is Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Like many local businesses, we opened our doors so that our dogs could roam the halls, make new friends and pause for a few photos. Check out our 2013 award winners.

Belle, a 1-year-old mixed breed, was awarded Best Hat, because that hat is amazing.

Sofie, a 6-year-old toy poodle, was awarded Best Pawdicure. Girl has style.

Hannah, a 6-year-old golden mix, won Best Smelling. She also makes an excellent banana.

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