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The Houston Press Needs a Multimedia Intern

Did you watch the video? It's pretty incredible. Our good friend Ted Irving put that together for us for our feature story, "Houston's Hidden Homeless," and we're beyond happy with how it turned out.

Here at the Press, we love storytelling in all of its forms, from the well written feature to the beautiful shot slideshow to the captivating video, and we're lucky to work with talented writers, photographers and videographers to bring those stories to you.

In an effort to put out even more amazing videos, we're looking for a multimedia intern to work with us this Summer.

Once selected, the multimedia intern will work with our editors, reporters, web editor and art director to put together two brief segments each week, as well as two long-term projects over the course of the semester. This means the intern needs to be comfortable communicating quickly and clearly, working independently and juggling multiple projects with tight deadlines.

Candidates must be proficient in Apple Final Cut Pro X and Compressor, with some knowledge of Apple Motion as well as any editing software the intern may own.

We can't stress enough how important the next part is: You have to be a student to be an intern for the Press. That means you have to be enrolled in school and be able to receive intern credits for your time with us.

We require a minimum of 15 hours a week in the internship.

Also, you must have reliable transportation; we'll reimburse for mileage and assignment expenses. The internship itself is unpaid.

We have cameras and accessories, but generally speaking equipment is not provided, so make sure you have the gear to get the job done.

Interested in interning with us? Send a résumé and samples of your work to [email protected], and make sure to include "Multimedia Intern" and "Houston Press" in the subject line. Thanks, and good luck!

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