The London vs. Houston Psychedelic Smack Down

The time: Mid 1960s. The location: Planet Earth. The zeitgeist: Psychedelic rock. A style of music where every precedent developed not exclusively but simultaneously in two completely different global centers, London, England and Houston, Texas.

How is this possible? What did these two cities share at that time other than young people with imitable accents and a passion for African American blues? In a spate of seminal mid to late '60s psychedelic releases recorded on either side of the ocean, young male Texans sang with British accents, and Brits tried to sound like Lightning Hopkins. Overseas you had Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, The Soft Machine, The Incredible String Band, and an obscure cult band called The Beatles. In the Lone Star State, The 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy, Endle St. Cloud, Red Krayola, Golden Dawn, and many, many others.

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Chris Becker
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