The Lone Star Bazaar Invades Montrose on December 22

Just in time for all of you procrastinating husbands, boyfriends, wives, girlfriends and single people with mucho disposable income comes the Lone Star Bazaar, set to invade Montrose at the Numbers complex on December 22.

The organizers say that the response from the community about the event has been so great that they are looking into ways they can expand the most reasonable way they can.

This "Montrose Sideshow" edition of the LSB already has Tin Roof Soap Co., Yoko Vintage, Orange Is the Sun, Nom Nom Friends and Lady Lazarus lined up as vendors.

"I want to make as many people happy as I can, and I wasn't expecting so much interest so fast. With so little effort to spread the word on my part thus far, too. The people are hungry," says Jennifer Rogers, one of the organizers.

Rogers and crew are currently looking for sponsors, vendors and volunteers. The Lone Star Bazaar has a few food trucks lined up as well. You can sign up on the LSB now and confer with the organizers if your wares will be a good fit.

Artist Natalie Irish and and her husband, photographer Dennis Bateman, will also be on hand with their Awkward Family Photos project, where you can make your own awful, hilarious family portraits, complete with props.

The LSB is still mulling over having vendors inside Numbers itself. Sell your wares on the same floor you drink vodka and dance to New Order on!

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