The Lord of the Rings Screening: The Final Hurrah

Once upon a time, a lot of people went to a lot of trouble to get rid of a really small ring. It took a whole year, eight protectors and one determined hobbit named Frodo Baggins. Today marks the beginning of the special screening of The Lord of the Rings trilogy extended edition at AMC Theatres. Each film features an hour of extra footage not included in the original theatrical releases. As an added bonus, there is a special introductory film by director Peter Jackson from the set of the The Hobbit before each showing. This is a great chance to see them all on the big screen one last time before the Blu-Ray DVD comes out on June 28.

For those of you who lived under a rock for the past decade, here is the 30-seconds-or-less summary:The LOTR trilogy is based on a series of books by J.R.R. Tolkien about a hobbit's (don't know what that is? Sorry, we're not stopping) journey to save the world by destroying the one ring "with the power to rule them all," and those who fight to protect him. Frodo and his companions have some adventures, one of them tries to steal the ring, then some bad guys attack and the fellowship splits into three groups that all more or less make their way towards Mordor, the place where the ring was forged. Eventually, Frodo and his bud Sam make it to Mount Doom and throw the ring into the volcano and everyone lives happily ever after; well, relatively well, considering what they've been through. There's also some battles and a love story and wizards and elves and stuff.

The trilogy was released between 2001 and 2003 and won 17 of the 30 Academy Awards it was nominated for. The cast includes Elijah Wood as Frodo, Ian McKellen as Gandalph and Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn.

The Fellowship of the Ringis at 7.p.m. June 14, The Two Towers is at 7.p.m. June 21, and The Return of the King is at 7.p.m. June 28 at AMC Theatres. For more information, call 888-262-4386 or visit www.amcentertainment.com.

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