The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project

The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project is a series of billboards that will unfold along Interstate 10 from Florida to California through spring 2015, including at selected locations in Houston June 21 to July 31. It is presented by LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) and features a work by Eve Fowler titled it is so, using excerpts of text from Bee Time Vine and Tender Buttons by the iconic lesbian author Gertrude Stein. Fowler says, “I’m interested in the multiple reads a viewer could have seeing this text in public. I’m also interested in making something that is accessible to everyone, or at least a very broad audience. I see this language as queer, in both senses of the word, but I think it is open-ended and could be interpreted in various ways.” Fowler employs quotes such as “In the morning there is meaning” and “In the evening there is feeling.” In addition to billboards, free lending libraries in truck stops, hardware stores and coffee shops will provide books that subtly explore gender identity. Through July 31. Free.
June 21-July 31, 2014

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