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The Many Shades of Who Should Play Christian Grey

As the end of the book signings come closer...the pressure is on in Hollywood to turn Fifty Shades of Grey into a movie...before the steam runs out. Since the blow up of the novel there have been numerous blogs and articles on who should be cast to play women's favorite secret desire...the charismatic Christian Grey.

Almost every actor in Hollywood has been asked whether he would be interested in tackling the role of Christian Grey and blogs have continued to have their favorites. All sorts of names have been thrown out there. Some that make some sense...Ryan Gosling, Max Irons, Chris Hemsworth...and some that make no sense whatsoever...Alex Skarsgard, Channing Tatum...Jake Gyllenhaal...really?! Even EL James herself has said she has no idea who will be playing Christian Grey as she only has some say as to whom the studios will cast. So lets see whom we've come up with shall we.

A top web pick and my personal pick is the often misunderstood and supposed bad boy: British hunk Alex Pettyfer. Why is he number one on my list...well the most obvious answer. No...not because he played a stripper cowboy in Magic Mike. Real answer-> He seems to fit the profile best. He's blonde, beautiful, well spoken, charismatic, with a sexy smile and cocky yet appealing attitude. Is this not Christian Grey? Only problem I see is that he is only 22, but he could easily pass for 27 and although Pettyfer seems to be a sweetheart in the real world he has certainly shown that he can play that kind of bad boy we love to hate on screen.

Next that seems to be one of the most popular on the web is: Ian Somerhalder...yes Damon himself. Mr. Vampire Diaries. Now this one I don't understand. Yes he is cute...if you like that Ken doll, cookie cutter kind of guy. No offense, but I don't think Damon...I mean Somerhalder is anything like Christian Grey. First off, not blonde. Well spoken? Let's not go there shall we. I don't mean to be hard on Somerhalder. He seems like a nice enough guy in real life with all of his humanitarian work, but as far as playing Christian Grey. I don't see it. I think this one was picked by a bunch of hard-core Vampire Diaries fans. Plus he is in his mid-thirties now...and I don't think he could pass for someone that was 27...well maybe. Either way don't think he's ready to play Christian Grey. But speaking of the Vampire Diaries....

That comes to my next pick: Joseph Morgan. Like with Pettyfer, Morgan almost completely fits the profile of Christian Grey. Blonde, beautiful, although maybe not as built as Christian Grey is supposed to be...another plus for Pettyfer. He is well spoken or at least can play some one that is. Maybe it's the British thing. Christian Grey is not supposed to be British, but the way that author James (who is British herself) wrote him, he sure sounds like he would be. Besides, Morgan already plays that kind of cocky yet appealing character on Vampire Diaries...everyone's favorite baddie vamper, Klaus. Again, the only problem here is the age difference. He is not 27, but I don't think Hollywood has ever got that right. I mean most of the characters on Vampire Diaries are supposed to be in high school...right??

Another web top pick that seems to be on every other list is Henry Cavill. Cavill has only recently made it big after appearing in last year's Immortals (with Joseph Morgan)...and will probably see more success after his upcoming role as superman in next year's Man of Steel. Now not going to lie, Henry Cavill is a good-looking guy.... VERY good-looking guy...and British. But again, not blonde....maybe too big...not really boyish the way that Christian Grey is described. More THOR-ish/HE-MAN-ish. He is only 28 so he is the closest to the character's age, but like the saying goes..."Age is relative". Cavill looks older than he is. And although he appears well spoken, incredibly sexy and somewhat charismatic I don't think he is the right fit for Christian Grey.

Another popular pick...White Collar's Matt Bomer. I love this guy. Adorable. Sweet...but Christian Grey. I don't know. Probably not. And didn't he ACTUALLY play a Ken doll in Magic Mike? Love him. Love him, but no to Christian Grey.

Last, but not least...and the most favored on the web...Edward Cullen...also known as Robert Pattinson. Now this is where the heated debate will start. First, I'm guessing that all of the...what are they called? Twi-hards...yes. They want R-Paz to play Christian Grey. Yes Pattinson is adorable, but he doesn't seem tough enough to play Grey. He has that boyish look yes, but pulling off a cocky confidence that women seem to find so irresistible in Grey, I don't know if he could pull it off. He's almost the exact age yes, but still I'm not seeing him ordering Ms. Steele around and the audience buying it. A little too wimpy... and glittery. He was born to play Cullen, but for Grey we need someone stronger. I know a lot of people will go after me for that one, but that is why we have these discussions.

So in the end we all have our own personal pick for Christian Grey...mine Alex Pettyfer...with Joseph Morgan in the running. Still we will have to wait and see whom Hollywood decides is the right shade of gray to play Christian Grey.

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Crystal Brannen