The MFAH Launches New Website Design

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston's new website is out in beta version, and they want to know what you think of it. The museum has taken to Facebook and Twitter to solicit comments on its brand new site, developed by Mouth Watering Media with a graphic design assist from multimedia stalwarts PH Design.

The verdict? Much fresher and more modern, overall, and a bit more accessible than the old site. Among internet responses to the redesign were praise for the tweaked "membership sticker logo," and a suggestion to MFAH to keep things simple and resist the urge to OD on new-website bells and whistles. One bell (or is it a whistle?) we welcome is the introduction of ecommerce: You'll soon be able to shop the MFAH store online, which should make next year's holiday gift giving just a bit easier for the artistically inclined.

"The goal was to make the museum irresistible to visit," says Matt Williams of Mouth Watering Media. "So we wanted to design an experience that made it easy to find, see and experience the wonderful art that the MFAH has to offer art lovers of all stripes."

The MFAH site was one of those you didn't realize was outdated--until it got an update. Design is sneaky like that. It improves things you didn't realize needed improving, and then soon enough, you can't remember what the old thing even looked like. So we're relieved--retroactively, of course--to see our ambitious hometown museum get a website to match.

It doesn't hurt, either, that the museum is showing Breakfast at Tiffany's this weekend. There's no beta launch that can't be improved by a black and white shot of Audrey Hepburn munching a pastry. (Adding to the fun, Thursday night the MFA will host a talk by Sam Wasson, author of Fifth Avenue at 5 A.M., Audrey Hepburn and the Birth of the Modern American Woman.)

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Jenny Staff Johnson