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The New X-Men Movie Looks Like A Three-Hanky Picture

The second trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, the follow-up to 2011's First Class, "dropped" yesterday, as they say. This one reveals a good deal more about mutantkind's unpleasant future, as well as some damned spiffy Nixon era duds.

Oh, and crying. Lots of crying.

And why's that? Because lots of characters are going to die. Chances are, several of the ones they're introducing in this film won't make it to the end credits. And they're probably not the only ones, judging by some key absences and a few scenes in the trailer itself.

Speaking of which, here you go.

Days of Future Past is one of the greatest X-Men stories ever, ranking up there with the "Dark Phoenix" saga (clumsily handled in The Last Stand) and Age of Apocalypse. In the story, Kitty Pryde travels back in time to 1980 (from 2013!) to warn the X-Men of a future in which mutant-hunting robots known as Sentinels have all but wiped out their kind. In the comic, the goal is to prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly (who already died in the first movie, so who knows?) by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the event which set humans against mutants for good.

Among the obvious changes in the film: Wolverine is now the one sent back (writer Simon Kinberg was pretty blunt about why: he's the face of the franchise); Mystique's role (and status as third point in a romantic triangle with Charles Xavier and Magneto) has been beefed up in accordance with Jennifer Lawrence's Q rating; stopping the assassination appears to be equally as important as getting Xavier and Magneto to play nice; and it looks like they're throwing Bishop into the timeline about 10 years early.

Of course, any complaints about continuity at this point are just fanboy bitchery. I stopped reading X-Men titles about 25 years ago, so anything post "Fall of the Mutants" is pretty much Greek to me. The important question is, how does the movie look? Trailers, as we all know, can be misleading, but DoFP looks like it gets more right than wrong.

0:27 Halle Berry's Storm is rumored to have only one line in the whole movie. I'm guessing it comes before this scene.

0:34 Hanky Moment #1 - Professor X ponders what would have happened if he'd just clammed up and used his telepathic abilities to play Texas Hold 'em. This story continues on the next page.

0:51 Oh look, Wolverine's hollering about something again.

1:11 Ignore Magneto's awesome jacket, the fact that Charles is apparently standing up, and the inarguable shittiness of Quicksilver, and answer me this: is that a guy duct taped in the corner?

1:17 "What, are those the Viet Cong you guys are so scared of? They look like the perfect people to buy me a drink."

1:24 "Chiennes quittent!" (Google Translate tells me that's French for "Bitches leave.")

1:28 You won't have Tyrion Lannister to kick around anymore.

1:38 Hey, it's Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page)! And the other African American mutant (Bishop, played by Omay Sy)!

1:48 Hanky Moment #2 - Mystique despairs of ever finding Papa Smurf.

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2:05 Hiding from Sentinels is especially difficult for, well, mutants with blue fur and fangs.

2:06 Wouldn't your time be better spent shoring up the polar ice caps?

2:17 Hanky Moment #3 - "You mean I'm going to be bald *and* paralyzed? *SOB*"

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