The Path to Being Pro-Life: What It Really Means
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The Path to Being Pro-Life: What It Really Means

I've decided to become pro-life. It was actually a really easy decision that I thought long and hard about, and I realize that me becoming pro-life will probably alienate many of readers. Let me explain my reasons...

Access to safe and cost effective abortions actually prevents more abortions than restrictions and bans. Counter-intuitive, I know, but worldwide data supports this. I am pro-life because I think abortion should be safe and legal in order for there to be fewer of them.

Access to affordable birth control is what really brings down abortion rates. I am pro-life because I think that the easier people can get birth control the less they'll have an unwanted pregnancies.

Flashback The Line Between Fetus and Child From an IVF Father

The Path to Being Pro-Life: What It Really Means

Comprehensive sex education is also a great way to reduce unwanted pregnancy, especially in teens. I'm pro-life because I support expanding sex-education in schools and certainly none of this abstinence-only nonsense, though abstinence should be mentioned.

Restrictions and bans on abortion not only don't reduce the number of aborted pregnancies, they add to the number off horrific tragedies of self-performed abortions that can end in death of the mother as well as the child. I'm pro-life because I think it is better to lose a child than the child and the parent.

Some women might be more inclined to keep their children if they could be guaranteed proper care. I'm pro-life because I believe women of all economic backgrounds deserve access to pre and post-natal care.

Not every fetus is viable. Things go wrong... a lot. Up to 35 percent of time. I'm pro-life because I believe that it is not wrong to have an abortion to save the life of the mother.

Raising a child is expensive, especially if you're on your own. That cost can drive women to terminate their pregnancies. I'm pro-life because I believe we should work towards a world where we raise people out of poverty and give them a net so they won't take a child with them if they fall.

Some children are conceived in rape, or in abusive relationships. I'm pro-life because I believe no woman should spend the rest of her life tied to someone who has hurt her with a child as a hostage.

I'm pro-life because I am interested in reducing abortions, not pretending that the world is perfect and every baby can be born and raised fine if you just "love them enough." I'm pro-life because I realize that abortion is going to happen no matter what, and you can't tackle the underlying reasons for that by being sad and trying to shame the mother. I'm pro-life because I think the abortion rate is too high, but am under no illusions that it will ever be zero.

Abortion is sad and bloody and heartbreaking. I am pro-life because I care about the woman who goes through that. She is a player in this, too.

I AM pro-life, and some of you are going to have to come to terms with what that actually means.

Jef With One F is a recovering rock star taking it one day at a time. You can read about his adventures in The Bible Spelled Backwards or connect with him on Facebook.

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