The Pros and Cons of the PS4

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Pro: I picked up Knack along with the system because I wanted something to share with my daughter who is getting into games now. It's honestly like being inside a Pixar film. Console gaming has never looked or sounded better, there's certainly not argument there.

Con: On the other hand... Knack actually shows just how little non-Nintendo gaming really has changed over the course of the last two systems. Graphical innovations have reached the point where it's no longer a jaw-dropping improvement. It's better, no doubt, but not that much better than a PS3 quality.

While playing Knack, the first thought in my head was, "I'm playing a family-friendly version of God of War... then I realized I was actually just playing a technically superior version of Crash Bandicoot. Say what you want about the Wii-U and Nintendo's gadget fetish lately. They are really trying to shove the act of play in a new direction in a way that Sony isn't.

Pro: I do love how the PS4 has embraced the idea of sharing outside of the PSN. You can connect your User ID to your Facebook, and sharing screen caps and even videos is connected to a dedicated button on the controller! My wife asked what my daughter and I were playing, and I just instantly uploaded a pic right to my wall so she could see. It's been a long time coming, but the perfect blend of social media and console gaming is getting closer.

Con: This is probably not a problem for any significant number of people, but could we please get an all-region Blu-ray in the systems at this point? In this day and age it's hard to believe that we are still making region specific releases anyway. I was really hoping that I'd finally be able to watch a good copy of Dogs in Space.

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