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The Rest of the Best: The 10 Most Recognizable People in Houston

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the Unites States, and we can best prove that point by highlighting some of our more unmissable citizens. No matter where you are in Houston there are ten people that you're likely to run into and will instantly know who they are.

10: Booker T: Houston has had its fair number of wrestling superstars over the years, but none as accessible and community-minded as Booker T. Huffman. The 6'3" former champion cuts an imposing figure both at his own Reality of Wrestling shows, on the various golf courses, or having a meal at Mambos, but is always willing to stop and have a chat with a fan.

9. Brian Arthur: The owner of Super Happy Fun Land looks and acts exactly how you would think he does. Bearded, wild-eyed, but good-hearted, Brian Arthur rules an empire of the odd and strange from his venue on Polk, and sometimes serves as the sole sanctuary for the more esoteric bands and performance artists who want to visit Houston. If you meet him out and about and ask him what's up, be prepared for the answer because what's up is usually something weird and wonderful.

8. The Black Time Lord: A new addition to Houston's collection of personalities is a guy I'm calling the Black Time Lord because he resembles nothing so much as an African-American incarnation of Doctor Who. He's been sighted in Midtown and the Galleria. He is tall, middle-aged, slender, light-skinned, and his black hair is in small cornrows. The BTL tends towards sharp suits in blue or grey, complete with vest and fob watch, over black silk shirts with a knotted cravat. Accessories include a silver-headed cane (Which may or may not conceal a sonic screwdriver) and small sunglasses similar to the ones Gary Oldman wore as Dracula.

Over a dozen people have spotted him and reported it to me, and I have no idea who he is. Just that he's either a time traveler or just the coolest looking guy in the city.

7. Annise Parker: Not only is she our mayor, but as one of the first openly gay mayors from a major city Parker is well-known visually to both residents and visitors. She's friendly, and she's got style to spare so you always know when you spot her on the move on the news. She's also one of the only people from Houston I can name that has been on The Colbert Report and managed to zing him back, which makes her cooler than any three other lesser people.

6. Willie D: There's a reason we gave the leader of the Geto Boys an advice column. It's because he's eloquent, famous, and everyone who knows anything about rap knows Willie D. He's not only one of our most treasured musical exports, he writes provocative political prose as well as solid tips for every day situations. Like Booker T, he's keen to help the youth of today aspire to greatness, and you can hear him speak all over the place.

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