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The Rest of the Best: The 10 Most Recognizable People in Houston Part 2

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5. Joel Osteen: Though I joke that it looks like Zack Braff found God every time I pass Osteen's billboard, you can't argue that he's one of Houston's most noticeable personalities. His ministry at Lakewood Church reaches over seven million people a week in more than 100 countries. He's won over a lot of people with his focus on God's goodness, as well as the idea that prosperity is a sign of God's blessing that appeals to the more libertarian sides of the population. We could certainly do worse than Osteen as the face of Texas religion.

4. Dr. Red Duke: There's no one like Dr. Red Duke, and if I am ever horribly injured I really hope I end up in his hands for Duke's well-known surgical genius as well as the opportunity to tell people I met Red Duke. We've seen him on TV our whole lives with his thick Texas drawl and magnificent mustache breaking down every thing we need to know about the world of medicine. Any doctor that's good enough to treat John F. Kennedy after he was shot should be good enough for the rest of us. Houston would not be the medical powerhouse it is today without his contributions.

3. Bun B: The former partner of Pimp C is a veritable titan of Texas rap that you cannot miss and who continues to cement our city as a haven for rap. You can also catch him teaching at Rice these days, when he's not rocking the mike at any number of concerts. I can also personally attest there is no nicer man in all of rap.

2. Dominique Sachse: There's just something about Dominique Sachse that is instantly relatable. That's probably why she's celebrating 20 years at KPRC. She's more than an anchor, she's like a friend. What else would you call someone we've gone through weddings and births and important life events with?

1. George H. W. Bush: Though our 41st president is an immigrant from Massachusetts, he's been a point of pride for Houstonians for decades. He and Barbra Bush have lived in Houston since he left the White House. It's always a thrill to be at the Alley Theatre and see the Secret Service walk in to check out the premises before escorting the former president to his seat to catch a show. These days it's not as fun as it used to be, as Parkinson's has left him mostly wheelchair-bound and his health deteriorates as he closes in on his 90th birthday. Still, he was and is an amazing man who left his mark on the world more so than almost any other of our citizens.

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