The Rite of Summer

Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring gets chopped and screwed for FrenetiCore's The Rite of Summer. Rebecca French, the group's artistic director, worked with laptop musician Chris Becker to reimagine the famous score. ''This music is 100 years old,'' French tells us. ''It was groundbreaking at the time it came out; it was this amazing avant-garde, atonal, bizarre, riot-inducing music. There's so much more that we can do with music electronically now that to not manipulate it, to not reimage the score seems like a crime. We thought, 'Let's have fun and approach it the same way that [Stravinsky] did 100 years ago and take some risks.' And at my request, yes, there is a chopped-and-screwed section.''

French and her group of dancers created completely new choreography for the 40-minute-long non-narrative work. ''We were really playful with it,'' says French. ''We're playing with the concepts of The Rite of Spring, not re-enacting it.'' Among the most notable differences is the work's ending. 'There's always some sort of dance to the death at the end and that's just so depressing to me. 'Oh, it's a woman being raped; oh great,' and then you see another one and it's a human sacrifice. I thought, 'Yeah, no, let's just like change that. We're doing something more life-affirming.''' Along with music by Becker, The Rite of Summer features visual art and projections by Varina Rush and costumes by Ashley Horn. The evening begins with a performance by members of Psophonia dance company.

8 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Frenetic Theater, 5102 Navigation. For information, call 832-426-4624 or visit $15 to $25.
Aug. 29-31, 8 p.m., 2013

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Olivia Flores Alvarez