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The Roar Trailer is the Best Trailer You'll See This Year

As long as humans see themselves as the dominant species on this floating ball of dirt and water, they'll will attempt to prove their might by taming nature. They'll build golf courses in the desert. They'll put homes on hills that have mudslides. They'll tame savage beasts.

Due to our hubris as a species, humans sometimes put themselves in to situations that are often awful for them but hilarious to us who don't have to live through it.

Which leads us to the case of a little film known as Roar.

How long would you chase after your passion project? How much would you spend? Who would you be willing to put in harm's way?

If you're Noel Marshall the answer is 11 years, $17 million and your family.

Roar... how to even describe Roar. It's probably best just to go with one of the quotes in the trailer: "It's like Walt Disney went insane and shot a snuff version of Swiss Family Robinson." How do you read that quote and not want to see that film immediately?

Luckily for us, the good folks at Drafthouse Films are giving Roar another shot in the cinemas. See, back when it was released in 1981, the film bombed. It made $2 million at the box office and then just sort of dropped off the map. How did we ever let a film like this drop off the map?

It's releases like this that make Drafthouse Films one of the best companies around for film lovers. Make no mistake: Cheap Thrills and The Act of Killing are great pieces of modern cinema, but someone would have picked those films up. You'd have your shot to see them.

No one else is picking up stuff like Roar or Miami Connection or The Visitor, and we are better for that. Seriously, you haven't lived until you've seen the madness that is Miami Connection.

Be glad we live in a world where something like Roar exists. Be glad there was at least one person crazy enough to have his family live with untrained wild animals for the purposes of shooting a movie. Be glad that some of this madness was captured on camera.

Maybe don't be glad that people were actually injured along the way. That's a bummer. But on the plus side the animals didn't get injured, and that's something.

Now to just wait until it hits theaters next month. Maybe just watch the trailer a dozen more times. It'll amaze you every time.

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