The RunPee App Frees Your Bladder From Cinematic Tyranny

There are few things in life as aggravating as your bladder hollering for a draining while you are inside a movie that you just spent $15 to see. You can just feel the entertainment dollars flowing out of your main vein while you relieve yourself, on top of whatever cool action sequence or bare ass you are missing in the theater.

This holiday movie season coming up is a big one, with some movies clocking in at nearly three hours. Thankfully, the RunPee app is around to let you know when you can duck out to pee and for how long you can. Because as they say, movie theaters don't have pause buttons.

And sadly, they don't have eject, delete or self-destruct buttons, either.

The RunPee app gives you the cues in the film for when you can make your exit and do your business. Sadly, there is no RunPoo app, or at least I don't think so.

You folks -- fellas especially -- know that the timelines for those bathroom visits are hard to gauge.

The app has the newest movies, like Red Dawn, Life of Pi and Lincoln, plus a growing backlog of older releases. like Aliens, Titanic, Jurassic Park and Die Hard.

Now what we really need is this kind of app for rock concerts, so you know when you can leave during "some of our new stuff, from the new album" and go get a beer, take a leak or smoke a cigarette. You can use sites that post set lists, but them rock stars are wily.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.