The September Issues: At a Glance

The best month of the year is September, when all of the glossies release their giant, unwieldy fashion issues. There is nothing better than walking up to your favorite magazine rack and seeing it groaning under the weight of The September Issues.

We went to three different stores and couldn't find a Marie Claire in the bunch, so we went and grabbed a Vanity Fair instead -- mostly because it had Kate Middleton on the cover. First rule of fashion in 2012: Covet all things worn by Kate Middleton.

We strongly advise picking up a physical copy of the September Issue of your favorite fashion mag. As much as we adore the Internets, it just isn't the same as spending hours flipping pages and cutting out images for your fashion vision board. What?! You know you have one.

To whet your appetite, here are the stats you need on Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle and Harper's Bazaar. And if you find a copy of Marie Claire out there, send one to us, will you?



Weight: Approximately 3.5 pounds

Thickness: .5 Inches

Pages: 916

Cover: Lady Gaga in Marc Jacobs

Best Feature: It's a tie between "Waiting in the Wings," a profile of Chelsea Clinton (p. 828), and "The Vogue 120" (p. 836)

Keep reading or you'll miss: "What to Wear Where" photo shoot. It's an edgy, futuristic editorial--big love.

Vanity Fair

Weight: Approximately 2 pounds

Thickness: .5 inches

Pages: 358

Cover: The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Best Feature: "Royal Catwalk" (p. 304) featuring the Dutchess. Runner-up: "Scenes of Glamour" (p. 211), outlining Hollywood's 25 most fashionable films.

Keep reading or you'll miss: The Proust Questionnaire with Terry Gross.

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Christina Uticone