The Thrill of Victory, the Power of Nature: The Top 10 Photos of the Week

We here at the Houston Press have long believed that some of the best photographers in the world live right here in Houston. Between the slideshows and blogs we publish and the images you share with us in our Flickr Pool, we see tons of amazing photos every week, and this is our chance to celebrate our favorites.

This week's photos include victories on and off the field, nature at it's best, and some things that aren't quite what they appear at first.

Sea Creatures
Photo by Bao Loi.
No, fish haven't learned to fly, but that would be super cool.

There's a reason people fall in love with guitar players.

Parking Lot 963
Photo by Sweotol.
Build what you want, but nothing is going to stop this plant from doing its thing.

Sometimes you order a sandwich and get art instead.

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