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The Top 5 Best TV Dads From This Year

To all the dads out there, thank you. You have spent tireless hours putting together Barbie Dream Houses for us, taught us how to ride a bike and not feel stupid when we fell over, pretended to be really bad at basketball to let us win, intimidated boyfriends just for sport, taught us how to drive a car and not feel stupid when we backed it into the garage with the door closed, shared with us the facts of life, snuck us our first beer and given us away at our weddings. Even after you long consider yourself an adult, dads are there to make you feel like "you are still a kid who knows nothing about life and get a real job, none of this writing crap, will ya!" Dads can be our greatest supporters and our biggest pains in the butt, but we love them for both.

To honor the dads in the world, we wanted to nominate our favorite TV dads from this year's television line up as "Greatest Dads." If we had an extra tie/mug/drawing, we would give them to you.

5. Jeremy Sisto from Suburgatory Sisto plays George Altman, a single (hot) dad who is so concerned with his daughter's potential bad influencers, he up and moves his life to the burbs. Whether the neighborhood he's taken his daughter to is any better than their life in NYC is debatable -- okay, it's probably not -- but his concern for her well-being is commendable. You deserve a pink tie with embroidered palm trees on it.

4. Will Arnett from Up All Night You are a good dad if you give up your high-powered law career to take care of your new baby while your wife goes back to work. It must be somewhat emasculating to be a stay-at-home dad, but Arnett's character handles it all with grace. And when we say grace, we mean total chaos. Plus, you have to be a good husband to put up with Maya Rudolph's character all the time. It's your big day, dad, take a shot of whiskey and get some rest.

3. Peter Krause from Parenthood On Parenthood, Krause's Adam Braverman is the bedrock of the family. He is a compassionate and loving father and even acts as the father figure to members of his family that are not his children, like his crazy siblings. Krause may never fully move away from being Nate Fisher, the character he portrayed on the much-loved HBO series Six Feet Under, but Nate Fisher was a terrible dad. Adam Braverman, you deserve a vacation and maybe some lovin' from your wife.

Nolan Gould and Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family What's better than having one adoring father? Having two! Cameron and Mitchell are simply gaga over their little Lily. Despite being one of the most hybrid-model families on television, these two dads are doing something right. Guys, get yourselves some mani/pedis.

Peter Griffin from Family Guy Peter Griffin acts like he is the worst father in the world! When the going gets tough, like when he's pretending to be a cool kid in Meg's school and takes part in making fun of her with all the other cool kids and then he sees that he may have hurt her feelings, he will pretend to ask her out to the school dance. He's that good of a dad. Peter, go to the Clam and knock a few back.

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