The Top 5 Left-Handed Video Game Characters

My wife is left-handed, and she also happened to go to grade school at a time and place where children writing with their left hands were seen as needing correction because everyone knows that's how Satan sneaks gay Communism into you. So for many years of her life, she suffered teachers who actively discouraged her use of her southern paw right down to sending letters home to her parents pleading with them to do something about heretical hand usage.

The result is that she is a little sensitive to how left-handed people are portrayed in media. Where most of us wouldn't notice that a villain is the only lefty in the room, she's always quick to point it out. There's even a whole TV Trope page dedicated to this nonsense. Today I thought I'd cheer her up by pointing out that some of the bravest and the best video-game heroes out there share her dominant hand.

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