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The Top Ten Best HBO Dramas & Ones That Didn't Quite Bubble Up

Whenever a season of an HBO drama ends and fans and critics begin wondering whether or not (fill in the blank) series will return for another season, human blogger nature begins ranking the show in the grand scheme of all HBO dramas.

Fans of True Blood and newbie The Newsroom both breathed a sigh of relief this past summer as their lovelies were given the green light for another season, and even us Boardwalk bums get worried every time it comes time for renewal, but there it is....renewed for season four.

Game Of Thrones? It can never end. Those books are massive, and the creators of the show know how to draw everything out for season after season.

As for Luck this past spring, it wasn't so lucky, even with Nick Nolte and Dustin Hoffman on board.

Plus with each year that passes, other cable channels like AMC, BBC America, FX, and others debut their own series, but nothing is as prestigious as an HBO series. Can you imagine Breaking Bad on HBO? Would it be more violent, or were the cable restrictions just right?

As far as HBO comedy series' go, that's a job for another blog. Curb, Larry Sanders, Flight of The Conchords....the list can go forever.

10. Tales From The Crypt (1989-1996)

The common thread of the Crypt Keeper, wry humor, and sometimes horrifying imagery made Tales a must-watch, and no doubt helped develop a whole generation of horror and T&A fans.

9. True Blood (2008-Present)

True Blood has benefited from coming around in that sweet spot for people who think Twilight is too dull and childish, and who need waaaaay more (televised) sex and/or violence in their Sunday night routine. It's hard to think of another recent non-reality show that has spawned so much fervor. Our own Jef With One F has done a steady job of recapping the show too, and people love reading about Sookie and the gang. Creator Alan Ball already had some experience making landmark HBO television, as you will see later on this list.

8. Rome (2005-2007)

A lot of folks didn't get into this one until it was too late, and canceled. Based around two Roman soldiers and chronicling just a short time in the history of the empire, the show was filmed on grand (and richly-elaborate sets) in Rome. It remains one of the most expensive television productions in history.

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