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The Voice Final Four: Semi-Final Results Show

Last night's live semi-final results show for The Voice suffered somewhat from a scheduling misfortune, directly following President Obama's address on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. I say "misfortune" because it was incredibly weird to transition from serious topics like war, death and foreign policy to a big ol' medley of George Michael tunes, as performed by the remaining eight Voice contestants--quite the reality show non-sequiteur. It got even more cringe-worthy when Carson threw to Alison in the Voice social media room and asked if anything besides the President's announcement was trending on Twitter. Weird.

But let's focus on the results, rather than Carson Daly's awkward relationship with reality, shall we? Tuesday night was the semi-final round, in which the final two contestants on each team performed live. Their coaches each had a total of 100 points to split between their two singers, and America's votes would be added to the coach's score to determine the overall winner. The coaches' scores and America's scores were given equal weight.

Team Cee Lo: Nakia vs. Vicci Martinez

Carson reveals Cee Lo's scores: Fifty-one for Nakia, 49 for Vicci Martinez. Cee Lo explains he couldn't hear Vicci's performance because of the drums, but that watching a replay after the show made him wish he could go back and give them 50/50. But after America's votes are tabulated Vicci breezes past Nakia with 124 points to his 76. Texas is OUT of The Voice, people. I still hope Nakia gets a sweet career out of this, though. If not--who wants to road trip to Austin and stalk him with me?

Team Adam: Javier Colon vs. Casey Weston

If there is a universe in which Casey Weston beats Javier Colon at any kind of musical competition, I do not want to exist in it. Carson reveals Adam's votes: Sixty-five for Javier and 35 for Casey. BURN! Adam explains that Casey is young and has a great career ahead of her, and he needs to ensure that Javier pulls ahead to the finals. Clearly Adam doesn't understand that America's votes can wreck any differential he sets up. Not to mention that that is a TOTALLY fair distribution of coach's points: Javier is at least 30 points better than Casey at anything involving notes. America's votes are added and the final score is Javier 138, Casey 62.

Team Blake: Dia Frampton vs. Xenia

Tough one! I love both these girls and clearly so does Blake, who is choked up and in tears the entire time the votes are being revealed. Blake splits his 100 points evenly between them, so they go into America's choice at a 50/50 tie. America votes and it's close, but Dia edges out Xenia 106 to 94. Dia and Blake are crying harder than Xenia, who continues to show more poise and maturity than any 16 year old has a right to possess.

Team Christina: Frenchie Davis vs. Beverly McClellan

This is the first night in the entire competition that Christina doesn't come off as an attention-starved nut job--she's very subdued, emotional, and genuine. Christina also splits her points evenly between her team, 50 for Frenchie and 50 for Beverly. I am really curious about who America will go for, especially since Frenchie already enjoys significant recognition because of her Idol and Broadway experience. America comes through, though, and picks the one-of-a-kind Beverly McClellan! I honestly think she's the only contestant who can give Javier a run for his money in the finals.

The Voice "The Finals" episode airs live on Tuesday June 28 at 8 p.m. CT. Watch past episodes and performances at The Voice on NBC.

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