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The Voice: Round 2 Quarterfinals Live Show

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Round 2 Quarterfinal Performances: Team Cee Lo

Tori & Taylor Thompson "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" by The Andrews Sisters

I love this song, but the sisters are clearly unnerved. "The song is old and in double time!" the blonde one whines. Carson Daly likes that this song is being performed on Flag Day; he mentions it twice. The styling and choreography for the performance are great, but the fact that the girls have no context or understanding of the song is clear--they look uncomfortable most of the time they are performing it.

The coaches: Adam calls it "Good old-fashioned entertainment." Blake also loves it. Christina throws in a self-reference to her Candyman video and says she loves the costumes and dancers and found it fun to watch. Cee Lo says "thank you for doing such a wonderful job" and that he's proud. I have to disagree with the coaches here--I thought it was awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

Vicci Martinez "Jolene" by Dolly Parton

I love this song and this is an interesting arrangement--a little too power ballad-y for my taste, but then again if she's too true to the original she's bound to fall short because she's singing Dolly Parton, for Chrissakes.

The coaches: Adam uses the words soulful, raw, and honest. Blake says it was an explosive performance, calls himself a fan. Christina thought it was heartfelt and complimented the staging. Cee Lo also compliments Vicci's use of the stage, calls her voice big, powerful, commanding.

Nakia "Sex on Fire" Kings of Leon

Cee Lo calls Nakia his strong hopeful, and picks the song to get Nakia out of his comfort zone. Nakia is obviously the strongest vocalist on Cee Lo's team, so taking risks is, well, risky. The minute the stage performance begins, Nakia's voice gives me goose bumps. In spite of the dancers swinging fire in the background, nothing can distract from Nakia: he works the stage, the crowd, and the vocals.

The coaches: All of the coaches gush over Nakia. Coach Cee Lo says his attitude and timing were perfect and impeccable.

Curtis Grimes "Addicted to Love" Robert Palmer

This is a VERY country rendition of "Addicted to Love." I'm much more convinced of this performance after Curtis steps out from behind the mic stand and uses the stage to his advantage. He's got a deep, resonant voice and although I'm not a huge country fan I love the sound of his voice.

The coaches: Adam says Curtis wears the cowboy hat instead of the other way around, and likes the different approach to the song. Adam adds that he's jealous of Curtis' deep and manly voice. Blake and Christina both loved Curtis's performance. Cee Lo says he is very happy with the performance, and he thinks the notes in rehearsal helped the performance be successful.

After Curtis performs we are still left with one burning question: Who will survive from Team Blake?!

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