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The Voice Semi-Finals: The Final 8

Somehow, even though we have half the number of contestants we had last week, the semi-final episode remains a two-hour extravaganza. I fast forwarded through all of the visits to "the Voice social media room" (it seems they've given up on the "V Room" moniker, unless I fast-forwarded through that, too) and focused on the performances. I don't think the episode needs to be two hours long, but the performances this week are worth the investment--in a word, amazing.

The episode begins with the results of last week's competitions; Team Adam and Team Cee Lo face the music and prepare to be whittled from four down to two. Team Adam said goodbye to the INCREDIBLE Jeff Jenkins of Jones Creek, TX--major bummer--and Devon Barley, whose mommy and daddy just want him to stay in med school. Javier Colon is America's choice and Casey Weston is Adam's choice, so these two continue on to semi-finals. Team Cee Lo bids adieu to Tori & Taylor Thompson and country boy Curtis Grimes, leaving Austin-based Nakia (Cee Lo's choice) and Vicci Martinez (America's choice) to rock another day.

Onward to the semi-final performances!

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Christina Uticone