The X Factor: Judges' Deadlock! America Decides

Last night on The X Factor we got a taste of what it means when America's votes have a direct impact on determining which contestant goes home. After performances by Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars, and The Big Ensemble Number performed by The Remaining Contestants, we get right down to business. At the eight-minute mark host Steve Jones promises that the night's results are just minutes away, and he delivers on at least half of that promise.

I don't know if X Factor made the Thanksgiving week theme of gratitude concurrent with a double-elimination episode on purpose, to be ironic, or if they are clueless, but it's starting to seem kind of mean.

First elimination: Steve Jones calls Lakota Rayne and Drew forward, announcing that one act will go straight through to the finals while the other will be eliminated immediately. Unfortunately for Paula Abdul, her last horse is sent home; Lakota Rayne is out, and Drew is safe to compete next week.

Second elimination: I like that Steve Burns uses up so much air time pausing between names as he reads off the acts who are "safe," but then rushes the judges through their critiques and decisions at the end of the show. Hey, Steve -- you aren't famous, the judges are, so rattle off those names and give the judges enough air time to explain their decisions.

Leroy Bell and Marcus Canty received the lowest numbers this week, and the judges were split down the middle on who to send home: L.A. and Paula voted to send Leroy home, while Paula and Simon voted to send Marcus home.

Marcus received the lowest number of votes, so Leroy lives to croon another day.

View video excerpts from last night's show online.

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