The X Factor Results Show: Rhythm Method

The X Factor host, Steve Jones, is fast becoming one of the best, most hilarious parts of the show. His comedy is certainly unintentional, and often subtle: a fist pump, a rude comment hurrying the judges along, awkward hugs with musical guest stars (last night's was Rhianna). He's great to watch, in the sense that he's so absolutely terrible. I highly recommend tuning in for his wooden delivery.

The results show is my least favorite part of the show. The first half hour consists of Steve s-l-o-w-l-y reading off the names of a handful of contestants, some product placement/bonus footage, and four commercial breaks, presumably to build suspense. The second half consists of revealing the bottom two contestants, the final sing-off, and the judges' decision.

I know what you're thinking: Just tell me what product was placed!

Sony Cameras! I know--the suspense was killing you. The contestants went on a photo shoot, got their photos taken, and were gifted with their own Sony cameras. The answer is yes--it was riveting.

When the final two are revealed it is something of a shock: Stacy Francis and Astro received the least number of votes after last night's performance show. Stacy's rendition of "It's All Coming Back To Me" wasn't great (it wasn't even good) but she seemed to be a fan favorite; I thought America would continue eliminating Paula's groups category. Astro is definitely the biggest shock, since he performs well every week and gets better every week.

No one is more surprised than Astro himself, who starts throwing a temper tantrum on stage. His eye-rolling, head-shaking, arm-crossing antics remind me to call in my birth control prescription, and prompt the judges to take him to task for his attitude. I comment aloud about Astro's pouting and my husband says, "He's a kid trying to be a thug rapper! He's trying not to cry!"

When Astro takes the stage for the sing-off, he asks L.A. Reid if he should even bother performing and Reid is visibly dismayed with his protégé's attitude. He gives a half-assed performance, which Cowell calls him out on, telling Astro he's "disrespected his mum"; in turn, Astro ends up shedding a few tears, reminding us all (ME) that he is just a kid.

The judges all agree that Astro's poor attitude won't serve him well going forward, but they send Stacy Francis home. She takes it well, with a minimum of mascara loss. Next week The X Factor will air on Tuesday and Wednesday as a result of the Thanksgiving holiday. You can review video clips from last night's episode online.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.