The Year in Static Memes

As with video memes this year, the static exploitable memes moved just as fast in and out of our subconscious. Luckily we, the Internet-proud and vigilant, kept on top of them for you. With a little help from Keanu Reeves, Michael Cera, Leonardo DiCaprio, and an asshole deity, 2010 was one of the best years for memes.

Every day was a new adventure with our friends Smiling Cigar Man, Y U NO Guy, and especially you, Pedobear, you lovable cad. I don't have children of my own, so your antics warmed my heart instead of chilling me to the core. Keep your chin up, PB, maybe one day you can snag yourself a chillen.

At Art Attack, I kept a constant watch on memes every week. I was even party to the creation of the paper's first meme, Sad Yao, for Hair Balls. We couldn't resist turning the photo of a dejected looking Yao Ming into comedy gold.

What could 2011 hold? Will Keanu show up somewhere in footie pajamas with a bong? You never know, Art Attackers, but rest assured Meme Of The Week will keep you in the loop.

Click ahead for a look back.

Prancing Cera Right around the time the excellent Scott Pilgrim came out, this meme hit Tumblr. Soon it invaded everything. It was simply a picture of the impish typecast actor in mid-prance. Oh, you prancing, huh?

Jesus Is A Jerk This was my favorite find of the year. Various pictures of Jesus taunting and talking shit to his earthly followers made me pee my pants with laughter. I wish I was joking. I had to order a new chair at the office, claiming I "broke" it.

Jumping Rob Pattinson This one was really just soft-core Twi-Hard porn for women and young girls obsessed with Twilight. But it was reassuring that R. Patz and I have the same underwear.


Vuvuzuelas? Remember these over the summer during the World Cup? When you cared about soccer for a month? Those long plastic horns? All you did was bitch about them on Twitter. I bet you would rather be talking about them rather than WikiLeaks at this point. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Pedobear He's cute, cuddly, and wants to show your kids his new van. Don't hate.

Philosoraptor For being dead for millions of years, or mere centuries if you believe the Bible, Philosoraptor sure had some deep questions. Like, if tomatoes are fruits, does that make ketchup a smoothie? Hmm...

Keanu Reeves In General He does tai chi, he runs and plays, he pouts, he stands, he wears helmets. What couldn't Reeves do this year? Star in a movie as awesome as Point Break, that's what.

Bros Icing Bros This immature game/meme hit hard last spring and summer. Basically it entailed sneak-attacking a friend with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and making them chug it on one knee on the spot. I was iced a few times, once by my mother. I ended my icing days by icing my grandma a few months ago. It had gone too far.


Smiling Cigar Man We wanted to be Smiling Cigar Man for a week. The effortless cool, the cigar. Being a man.

Struttin' Leo The original picture of a smiling and strutting Leonardo DiCaprio was taken on the set of the blockbuster mind-bender Inception and the rest is meme-istory.

Honorable Mentions:

Feels Good Man

Wat Do?

Sturgeon Face

Troll Science

Lying Down Game

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