The Year in Video Memes: What Do They Mean??

You fell in love with all these characters this year, thrust into the limelight and five minutes of fame by just a few clicks on YouTube and a forgettable, yet exploitable, catchphrase. These were your favorite viral video memes of the year. By the time you finish reading this blog, three more will be born.

Do you understand how quick the Internet is now? You have a million ideas bombarding you at once, with almost no way of filtering what is funny and what is not. Luckily we started Meme Of The Week this fall to help you.

The beginning of the year brought "Pants On The Ground", by General Larry Platt from his American Idol appearance in January. Parodies were everywhere, most notably Jimmy Fallon doing his own rendition of the song as '70s-era Neil Young. By December, we had all but forgotten Platt's terse warning to pull up our pants.

Perhaps 2010 will best know for giving us the lovable ghetto urchin Antoine Dodson, he of the "hide your kids, hide your wife" fame, who came to national acclaim after he was interviewed by the local news in Huntsville, Alabama after his sister was almost raped in her bedroom. By the end of the year he was cleaned up and groomed, hawking sexual predator software online.

But overall 2010 was the best year in recent memory for memes. Most every day online this year was a wonderland of rednecks screaming about gutters, to fiery and ill-informed candidates running for Stark County treasurer! I will not apologize for my tone in this blog tonight!

So settle in for the 10 best viral videos of the year. If you like one, you can keep backing it up, backing it up, if you want to watch it again. And remember, if you kill someone, you get murdered or go to jail.

10. Miracles

9. Final Placement

8. Basil Marceaux

7. Gimme Pizza

6. Pants On the Ground

5. Backin' Up

4. Phil Davison

3. Struttin' Dat Ass

2. Double Rainbow

1. Antoine Dodson

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