The Yes Men Strike Again

Last week the socially conscious pranksters known as the "Yes Men" very successfully harpooned a new Chevron advertising campaign. In case you didn't see the impressive exhibition last April at DiverseWorks, the Yes Men is a duo consisting of Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno. They impersonate corporations in order to call awareness to the wrongs perpetrated by them. They call it "culture jamming."

The original Chevron ad campaign, focused on how the company agrees it should help "real" people, was preempted by the Yes Men's spoof accompanied by a fake press release on a well-done mock-up of the Chevron domain. Amidst outrage concerning the campaign from Chevron, the Yes Men created a second fake press release, deploring their own actions on behalf of Chevron. The multi-layered attack is business as usual for the Yes Men, who have been culture-jamming corporations in the United States and elsewhere for years.

The duo attracted worldwide attention for their infamous Dow Chemical hoax in which Andy Bichlbaum, on behalf of Dow Chemical, announced that Dow would assume full responsibility for the Bhopal disaster. When accused of being a liar, Bichlbaum claimed it's just "truth telling in a world where there are only lies."

In order to generate momentum for their faux-Chevron ad campaign, the Yes Men are calling for user submissions.

Here's another user submission:

The Yes Men have been featured in two documentaries, The Yes Men and most recently The Yes Men Fix the World.

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