The YouTube/Guggenheim Play Biennial: Recap Part 2

(Revenge, one of our picks that didn't make the top 25--but still awesome.)

A few weeks ago, we selected our Top 10 videos from the YouTube/Guggenheim Play Biennial Shortlist of 125 videos. Seven of our selections made Play's top 25 list: Luis, Home (Soup), Bedstuy Street Interviews, I Met the Walrus, A Braided Beaded Balls Suit, Walter, A Dialogue with the Imagination, and Self Portrait: Artist as Artist.

We recommend watching all 25 videos, but we understand, who has the time? Instead, we present the Play Biennial Cheat Sheet. Watch the following five videos and you too can claim your Ph.D. in viral videography.

5. Ladybirds' Requiem (digest version) Animator Akino Kondoh mistakenly tasted what she thought was the blood of a ladybug as a child. She retells this traumatic experience in this beautifully created three-color video.

4. Bear untitled - D.O. Edit Christen Bach demonstrated how he made the imagery for this video at the exhibition, discussing his interest in creating simple, 8-pixel animation. The primitive nature of the animation allowed him to play with time in story-line. The sound, according to Mr. Bach, stressed the "emotional conversations acted out in ice-cold monotone voices."

3. The Fuschia Fits: An Abbreviated Lexicon of Inverted Gestures Alec Donovan is an extremely talented animator who created this ultra-hip video featuring some of his political views. The vow vindicator.

2. Bathtub IVThis video was created from a time-lapse-photography process. As the artist puts it, "This film is 100% 'real', but there are some new techniques for me here, such as using time-lapse to create the illusion of forward movement for the helicopter ocean scenes." The song was performed live with the video projected on the walls of the Museum. The video maker met the musician for the first time at the event. Watch Keith Loutit explain the process live here.

1. Words Julius Metoyer, Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante, collective known as Everyone, created a visual thesaurus in this video. The film is a game in which you learn the rules to get the message. Watch them discuss their original video in detail here.

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