Theatre Southwest Announces Picks for Festival of Originals

Theatre Southwest announced its choices for its fourteenth annual Festival of Originals--a series of five original one-act plays, each with its own cast and director. The festival begins July 15 and runs through the 30.

Here's a rundown of the plays featured this year:

  • Thirty Year War by Tim Davis, directed by Lee Ray. A drama about an affluent women, Selath, who has been arrested in connection with a crime commited by radicals in the 1960's. As the lawyer prepares for the arraignment hearing, Selah's elitism slowly unravels.

  • Mr. Haley's Secretary by Asmara Bhattacharya, directed by Justin Holloway. A comedy about an executive and his secretary whose unique relationship matures over the course of two decades as they see each other through marriages, children and all of life's trials.
  • Game Night by Lisa Bunse, directed by Jay Menchaca. A comedy about septuagenarians Etta and Candy Sue, (U of H alumnae), who look forward to a long needed "night on the town," watching the big game at the local pub. When their plans are abruptly changed, the find themselves caught in the middle of the evening's most challenging match.
  • Lobster Man, by Jonathan Cook, directed by Steve Carpentier. A magical drama about Mark and Christa, who are possibly the last two people on the planet. The arrival of an unusual visitor shatters that reality.
  • Double Negative by Carl Williams, directed by Kathy Drum. A film-noir-style piece in which a mobster and his strong-arm man confront the mobster's mistress and friend with the knowledge of their affair, all the while plotting revenge.
  • July 15 through 30. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. Sunday, July 24 at 3p.m. 8944-A Clarkcrest. All tickets $14. Reservations: tickets@theatresouthwest.org or call 713 661-9505.

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