The new look for TUTS
The new look for TUTS

Theatre Under the Stars Unveils New Logo and Takes On a New Mission

Deciding that after six years, its logo could use a little dusting off, Theatre Under the Stars commissioned a redesign which is unveiled today for the first time. Along with it, there will be a new website in the spring and perhaps most importantly, there are plans to mount a national tour from Houston.

The new design which keeps the navy and gold colors of the old logo presents a much lighter, more streamlined look for the theater company.

The old logo
The old logo

a lot changes in the graphic design world in six years. We've been using the current logo for that long. There's been a lot of change for the organization in six years. We're going to be launching a national tour. Our educational programs have grown exponentially. So we needed a logo that really made us stand out," said Christian Brown, assistant director of sales and marketing for TUTS,

"We don't want our brand to be compared just on the local level or evenon the national level. We're really going to throw out a brand that stands out on an international level of international performing arts groups."

Brown said TUTS had launched national tours several years ago and that in resuming this, it won't be a co-production but an all-TUTS venture.

At the same time, the logo for TUTS Underground, lauched just a year and a half ago, will not change, Brown said.

In a press release, TUTS President and CEO John Breckenridge said "The launch of this new logo is a direct reflection of our vision for TUTS' future and our goal to set a new standard in the arts industry. We are passionate about the direction we are heading and believe our new graphic expression distinguishes TUTS' identity in the Houston community and beyond."

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