There Is an ABC Movie of the Week Channel on YouTube, You Guys!

From 1969 until 1976, ABC presented an original made-for-TV movie each week, featuring big actors, big budgets and big-time names behind the cameras. Now, through the magic and flagrant piracy of YouTube, you can watch more than a handful of these thrillers, screamers and dramas in full.

Charles787980's ABC Movie of the Week Channel features 88 films, presented in their complete form, sans commercials.

Many people forget that some of the most landmark tearjerkers of the '70s were actually TV movies, like the jockudrama Brian's Song, Steven Spielberg's Duel, drunk drama The Morning After and Time Travelers.

The Six Million Dollar Man and Starsky and Hutch actually began as 90-minute "pilots" on the weekly series, and plenty of actors got their start on camera in these features.

You can catch Gene Wilder and Rob Reiner in James L. Brooks's Thursday's Game right here below.

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