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They're Looking for a Few Good Dominatrixes

Patrons of Numbers probably recognize Domina Shannon as the busty, perky bartender who's always ready with a drink and a smile. What more could you ask for? However, when she's not slinging gin, she's swinging a riding crop as part of Maison Noir, Houston's pre-eminent BDSM dungeon. And good news in this economy: They're looking to hire a couple of people who don't mind dishing out a little discipline.

"I feel that the most important thing to look for in new applicants is a true interest in BDSM," said Shannon via e-mail. "Anyone can read the books and learn the techniques, but if you lack a genuine interest in the arts, that will always come through when you play."

Shannon discovered an interest in kink during her teenage years. She and her like-minded friends would invite boys back to her home in order to experiment with bondage, or would practice on each other when no playmates were available. She heard about a local dungeon, the Imperium, that had an open slot in 1997. She was hired by the six-room establishment, but it went under only six months later. Undeterred, Shannon established herself as an independent dominatrix, and traveled extensively working in the field. She even served as a consultant for the crime drama film The Flock, starring Richard Gere and Claire Danes.

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